• “When Answers” hits #1 on Amazon\’s Christian Living list

    March 17, 2009

    Wow, what a day! Thank you to everyone who responded to our April 1 Amazon.com campaign. The result was phenomenal:

    • #1 in the Christian Living category
    • #2 in the Theology category
    • #122 in the Books category

    What does this mean? Well, out of the hundreds of thousands of books available on Amazon.com, we reached an overall ranking on April 1 of 122. Out of the thousands of books classified as “Christian Living,” we hit #1. Yes, that\’s #1. And #2 in “Theology.” Simply amazing.

    Of course, more important than rankings and sales is the hope this book will bring to readers. And thanks to you, many more people now know about When Answers Aren\’t Enough because of the visibility you helped give it. I can\’t say thanks enough.

    Please continue to pray for the book to spread, and if you meant to order it on April 1 but forgot, no worries. Swing on over to Amazon.com.

    God bless, and thanks again for making April 1 so special.

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  • Todd said...


    hey man! this is great news! i’m really excited to read your book…

    03/17/09 8:43 PM | Comment Link

  • Caryn Davis said...


    Matt, this is amazing. I didn’t realize this happened. So proud!

    06/19/09 9:43 AM | Comment Link

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