• Australia, New Zealand most charitable nations

    September 8, 2010

    Australia and New Zealand have topped a charity index released by Britain’s Charities Aid Foundation. The rankings were based on three criteria, the percentages of citizens who, in the last month, 1) donated money, 2) donated time, and 3) helped a stranger. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the US, and Switzerland were all close in average scores:

    Australia 57%

    New Zealand 57%

    Canada 56%

    Ireland 56%

    US 55%

    Switzerland 55%

    At the bottom? China and Madagascar.

    Some of the least charitable nations were those receiving the heaviest amounts of international monetary aid, which will surely raise age-old questions of whether hands-off handouts breed a culture of dependency. Should governments give less and invest more, helping the poorest countries develop their own economies rather than simply handing them more money that isn’t tied to any specific long term goals for growth? Does foreign aid inspire people to entrepreneurship or enslave them to other countries?

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