• Behind the cover of “Losing God”

    May 3, 2010

    I get more questions about the cover of Losing God than almost any other aspect of the book. Kudos to InterVarsity Press designer Matt Smith for a truly fantastic, intriguing cover. The most frequently asked question–which I may never understand, given that I’m not a woman, and that that is clearly a woman on the cover of the book–is whether the person on the cover is me. For the record: 1) I’m male, and 2) I don’t own a red rain jacket, so no, that isn’t me. I don’t know who it is. The cover art for Losing God is a blending of two stock photos:

    Click here for “Woman Wearing Red Coat With Hood”

    Click here for “Approaching Storm Over Pacific”

    Other questions I receive:

    Q: Did you design the cover?

    A: Already gave this one away. Matt Smith at InterVarsity Press is the genius.

    Q: Did you get to approve the cover?

    A: No. The right to approval was not in my contract. I had that right on When Answers Aren’t Enough, not on Losing God. InterVarsity Press did, however, kindly show me the cover ahead of time, just to make sure I didn’t hate it.

    Q: Do you like the cover?

    A: I love it. I think Matt Smith did a terrific job. He had a tough task, depicting the malaise of depression without making the cover itself depressing. In my opinion, he succeeded brilliantly. Everything about the cover seems to work. The book is a simple story of one man’s journey. The cover art, likewise, is simple–not too busy, and with no fancy fonts. The dim, gray clouds are perfectly offset with a splash of bright red from the rain coat, drawing your eye to the book and preventing the cover from feeling oppressive or bleak. Compare Losing God‘s cover with that of many other books on your shelf–Losing God pops. It stands out.

    I can’t wait to see the cover for the Korean translation that’s in the works right now. I’ll let you know when it releases.

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