• Losing God


    Losing God: Clinging to Faith Through Doubt and Depression

    People wrestling severe depression and unresolved doubts about their faith often feel isolated, as if no one in the world understands their pain. This was certainly true of me during my four-year battle from 1996 to 2000. Throughout the struggle, and for years after, I searched in vain for a book I felt captured the horror of unrelenting anxiety and despair. What I really wanted was just to know that someone, anyone, had shared my pain and asked my questions–and had made it out the other side with faith intact.

    I never found such a book. Losing God is my attempt at writing it. This is the story of my journey through, and eventual healing from, a very long, dark night.

    “A needed book, beautifully written, from a promising new writer.”

    – Brian McLaren, author/activist (brianmclaren.net)


    “This is a good book, a tale of how a young man walked through the darkness of depression and came out the other end in chastened light.”

    – Scot McKnight, author of The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible


    “With unflinching honesty Matt Rogers tells his story of struggle, doubt, and depression, which lasted for four long years. He shows us throughout this compelling narrative that we are complex beings–physical and emotional, as well as spiritual. As Rogers points out again and again, our theology should line up with this complexity and thus address the whole person.”

    – Jerry Sittser, author of A Grace Disguised

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