• “found art” cover is itself art

    June 9, 2009

    031029133xI love book covers. When I was a kid, I’d buy a book if it looked good, knowing full well I’d never crack it open once I got it home. I just wanted to look at it.

    These days I love reading, and only buy books I mean to read, but I’m still more likely to take a risk on a book I know nothing about if it has a good cover.

    Found Art is such a book. It releases from Zondervan in November. I know nothing about the book, beyond what the cover reveals. Leeana Tankersley wrote it; it’s about finding beauty in foreign places. That’s it. That’s all I know. And that I’ll probably buy it because of its cover.

    I’m not sure I could explain why I love it. Why does one painting draw our attention, and another doesn’t? Beats me. I love the colors of this cover, I know that, and the simplicity of it. The font choices are perfect. The subtle lines of cracked paint in the title banner are a nice touch, too.

    The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” isn’t true. I judge lots of books by that alone. Maybe that’s shallow of me, but with so many books out there, a cover needs to grab me. This one did. Check out Found Art this November. I will.


    UPDATE: My editor at Zondervan, Angela Scheff, just informed me that Curt Diepenhorst designed the cover for Found Art. If you check the fine print on the back of my book, When Answers Aren’t Enough, you’ll see that he also designed that cover. Congrats, Curt, on another great job.

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  • Kevin Chez said...


    A few self-indulgent hours in Barnes and Noble and I would be broke.

    06/11/09 12:16 PM | Comment Link

  • Matt said...


    Yup. But if you’re going to go broke, do it buying books.

    06/18/09 9:42 PM | Comment Link

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