• Homosexuality and ultimate questions

    February 23, 2012

    I received an email from a reader. It reminded me of questions I said we were going to address:

    “‘We have some serious questions to consider: what then does the Bible mean by sexual immorality? What sexual behavior is acceptable to God and what isn’t, given that the passages on homosexuality are unclear at best? What was Jesus’ approach to applying the Old Testament Law to our New Testament reality? What is sin if not the violation of a hard and fast rule that always and continually says ‘no’? And for me, and for all gay Christians, if the Scriptures aren’t crystal clear on how we should view and respond to our sexuality, how do we proceed in life? Much to discuss as we continue on from here.'”

    The email went on,

    “I think about these issues a lot and I was wondering if I had missed any further writing you had done on this particular subject, concerning the subject of sexual immorality as a whole.├é┬áHaving struggled with sexual sin for most of my adulthood, I find it a difficult subject to seek support for within Christian groups … In the past, I have had … Christian peers shun me or treat me with disdain upon discovering my lack of purity.”

    I appreciate the email. I do intend to give my take on all the questions above. In fact, I had every intention of doing that this week, but the week has been quite busy. Good, but busy. You should listen to WDAV.org this Sunday afternoon at 5:00 EST. I’ll be hosting “Reel Music: At the Oscars.” We’ll sample music from this year’s nominees for Best Original Score, and I’ll play some Oscar-winning favorites from years past. Seriously, you should listen, even if you think I’ve lost my mind with this gay stuff. It’ll be fun.

    But about that busy week … Things have finally slowed down, so I was going to write today, but I’m soooo sleeeepy. Ever had a day where you just can’t wake up? You feel like you’re walking around in a mind fog? All your thinking is fuzzy? Yeah, well, that’s me today. Not exactly the proper frame of mind to attempt blogging about such ultimate questions as, oh I don’t know, WHAT IS SIN? Or, what is it that makes sex in some contexts immoral? Or, if we’re dead to the Old Testament Law, as Paul says we are, why do some insist I still follow its requirements? And if I don’t have to follow its rules, then, well, back to the beginning: WHAT IS SIN?

    Ah, so many good questions. Unfortunately, my brain went walking through a poppy field this morning, and I just shouldn’t attempt writing today. Soon, I promise. Soon.

    Thanks for checking in and reading these posts. I’m thankful for anyone who will take the time and exercise the humility to consider anew these ultimate questions. They matter. A lot.

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