• Hookah no safer than cigarettes

    May 10, 2010

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that a hookah is so much safer than smoking cigarettes, and never have the supposed reasons made any sense to me. Now this article. I’m no anti-tobacco saint–I enjoy the occasional cigar myself–so I’m not coming down on anyone’s vice here. I just wish people would stop deluding themselves with the wishful thinking that smoke in your lungs could ever be a good thing, no matter how smooth or tasty it might be.

    Click here for the full story from msnbc.com.

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  • kevin chez said...


    “…i did not inhale.”

    06/3/10 4:43 AM | Comment Link

  • Mike said...


    just…thank you for someone finally agreeing with me. A post that I am so thankful to finally see(even if it was in May of 2010).

    02/3/11 9:27 PM | Comment Link

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