• Hope for drug-resistant depression sufferers

    May 4, 2010

    Since May is Mental Health Month, I’m scouring the web each day in search of the latest news about depression. Came across an article today that might offer some slight hope to people who suffer from depression that does not respond to medication. I’m so thankful that 40mg of citalopram every morning does the trick for me. What if antidepressants hadn’t worked? Sadly, that’s the case for many people.

    The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting today that a new study in which 190 depressed patients were given electromagnetic stimulation over three weeks found that 14 percent experienced remissions that often lasted several months. Fourteen percent probably isn’t the number researchers had hoped for, but it is certainly some hope for patients who can find no other relief for their dark moods.

    Read the entire story here.

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