• I’ll probably regret this.

    January 12, 2012

    At the risk of my sanity, I’m going to attempt blogging over the next however many months about the difficult topic of faith and sexuality–specifically, Christian faith and homosexuality. While anyone is welcome to read what I write here, these posts are primarily intended for my friends and former congregants in Blacksburg, Virginia. While I was a pastor there, I held (and espoused) a view of homosexuality that has evolved since I left that post a couple years ago. Since I publicly shared my thoughts then, I feel I should publicly share them now. I have a responsibility to, I think. Not quite an obligation, but a responsibility.

    First though, a few notes and ground rules:

    • I am speaking for myself, not for anyone else, and my views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any church, organization, or employer with whom I am now or once was associated.
    • I will not respond to any questions or comments posted on Facebook. I will most likely delete them, be they encouraging or critical. I am not looking for affirmation, and doubtless I’ve heard whatever objection you might wish to share. If you really feel the need to let me have it, blogs are a dime a dozen these days. Get one, and have fun. Regrettably, I simply don’t have the time it would take to answer questions and charges in a thorough, worthy manner, and online debates/discussions rarely produce much positive fruit. Seriously, no comments or questions on my Facebook page. You may email me a question if you’d like through the contact page of this website, and I’ll try to answer it in time on this blog, but I cannot reply to individual emails. I’m sorry. I also cannot stop people from clicking “like” on a post, so you’re free to do so, and should Facebook invent the “dislike” button, it will be fair game, as well.
    • Blog posts are just like opinion polls, or like books and sermons, dated the moment they go public. The final vote tally may surprise. A pastor may change his or her mind later on (as I have here). An author may regret having said something in print. Take these posts, therefore, as I intend them: a snapshot into my thinking at this point in my life. I share my views confidently, having arrived at them through much reading, prayer, and life experience, but I humbly acknowledge I could be wrong. No doubt some of you will think I’ve lost my mind. Oh well. I can only hope I do not, as Anne Lamott says, drive Jesus to drink himself to sleep at night when he reads all of this.
    • I’ll post something new as often as I can, but no promises on how often that will be.

    Finally, to my friends in Blacksburg, I miss you all very much.

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  • David McGrath said...


    I’ve been waiting for this to come. I’m excited to read what comes next.

    01/15/12 12:25 PM | Comment Link

  • matt rogers » Rules clarification/explanation » said...


    […] I cannot handle the proverbial kitchen’s heat. I would simply refer that person to my post “I’ll probably regret this.” There I explained the reasons for this monologue approach. I’ll briefly restate and expand on […]

    01/16/12 12:06 PM | Comment Link

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