• Losing God moves into copy-editing phase

    March 17, 2009

    My second book, Losing God: Clinging to Faith through Doubt and Depression, has entered the phase of the publishing process known as copyediting. That means major writing and revising has ended and the book\’s finer details are now coming together. What exactly all those details are, beats me. Even after going through the process once, I\’m not sure what all copyediting entails. But I know it entails a lot, and that copyeditors are amazing, wonderful people who make writers look way better than they really are. I also know this is where some poor soul (in this case, Elaina Whittenhal at InterVarsity Press) must contend with my grammar. She\’ll go sentence by sentence looking for problems missed during writing and revising.

    Losing God: Clinging to Faith through Doubt and Depression releases November 2008 from InterVarsity Press.

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