• Movin’ on up(town)

    June 24, 2011

    I’m forever slacking on the whole blog thing. My apologies. Wanted to give a brief update on life. After 12 years in Virginia, eight of them in professional ministry, the radio bug has bitten again, and I’m back in my home state of North Carolina, working as a classical radio announcer for WDAV in the Charlotte metro. The station is actually in Davidson, NC, a small college town. Since I did the whole small-town America thing for a decade, a city life sounded good, so I opted for a small commute by renting a loft in Uptown Charlotte. Yes, they call it uptown, not downtown. Sounds pretentious, I know, but it’s really not. The center of Charlotte is on a bit of a hill, and in the city’s early days, people would say, “We’re going up to the town.” We southerners can be a lazy folk, so we shortened it. Fewer words, less effort: Now we’re going uptown.

    So far, so good. I love my loft and my job. What’s not to love? I play the best music in the world, the kind that doesn’t come and go with the pop charts, as my friend Seth Williamson says. And I have a sweet little place to rest my head in the evenings–a modern, New York-style loft. Watching Carolina storms roll in over the skyline from my living room window at night is something you have to see.

    Most importantly, God and I are doing well through all the change. I wish I had time here to write of how he provided throughout the transition, a financially tricky time for me. I never had a need he didn’t meet.

    Now that I’m settled (or settling), perhaps I can turn my attention to more writing. But what to write? Stay tuned.

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  • Neil said...


    Disappointed that you will not be spinning any Lil Wayne…

    06/24/11 8:36 AM | Comment Link

  • Matt Rogers said...


    Perhaps on my last day, Neil. Perhaps.

    07/4/11 6:58 AM | Comment Link

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