• PART THREE: Resolutions you can keep!

    December 29, 2011

    My cliche mountain top experience

    January 1, 2006, I hiked up to Tinker Cliffs along the Appalachian Trail in southwest Virginia. I went to get away, to be alone, and to reflect. I remember praying, asking God to show me if there were any talents he’d given me that I wasn’t putting to good use. I had known since fifth grade that I had a knack for writing, but aside from keeping a personal journal and writing the occasional article for an online magazine, I’d never done much with that talent. For years, I’d dreamed of being published, but I hadn’t taken any steps toward making that happen. It was there on that mountain, New Year’s Day, 2006, that I made the goal to write a book. (The pic to the left is the view from Tinker Cliffs that day.)

    Step 1: Reflect

    The first step to making a good New Year’s resolution, one you can actually keep, is to take significant time to reflect. Get alone, away from all distractions, and look back over the last year for clues to how your life went. What was good? What needs work? Be honest with yourself, and take as much time as you need–I recommend at least an hour–to really get a feel for how last year went. Author Craig Groeschel suggests five areas to consider: relationship with God, relationship with people, financial health, physical health, your life’s work. I’d add mental/psychological health since so much of our unhappiness begins with our self talk, what we tell ourselves about our life’s circumstances. Have a notepad and pen with you so you can write down whatever comes to mind as you reflect.

    Tomorrow we’ll look at what to do in response to the things we learn from our time of reflection.

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