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    January 16, 2012

    One objection to my no-comments-on-facebook rule has been raised. Someone suggested that I’m engaging in a monologue versus a dialogue, and that perhaps this is because I cannot handle the proverbial kitchen’s heat. I would simply refer that person to my post “I’ll probably regret this.” There I explained the reasons for this monologue approach. I’ll briefly restate and expand on them here:

    • The main reason for my writing these blog posts is not to engage in a debate/discussion, but to simply update friends too many to contact individually as to my evolving views on the issue of Christian faith and homosexuality. I feel I have a responsibility to do so given that I once served as a pastor where I publicly spoke on the matter. I’m using Facebook as simply the easiest, most obvious method of keeping people updated. That’s it.
    • I have nearly 1700 Facebook friends to date. I simply do not have time in the day to respond thoroughly to the many comments, praises, and objections this topic engenders. I’m sorry, but I have a job to work, personal relationships to maintain, and red wine to drink. In short, I have a life. This issue isn’t it. I care about this issue, but it isn’t my life, and I’m trying hard to keep it from becoming that.
    • When did you ever see an online discussion that didn’t quickly devolve into a silly tit for tat argument, one that accomplished anything other than two sides fiercely opposing each other but offering little new to think about? I don’t have time to keep up with Facebook comments, and I’m not interested in seeing my Timeline devolve into a pointless argument. I’m sorry if you disagree, but that be the rule.
    • To the objection that I can’t handle the heat of dissent–my friends, I’ve been in this kitchen a long time. I’ve read a few thousand pages about this topic from various perspectives. I doubt anyone here is going to invent a nastier retort than some I’ve read.
    • Like I’ve said previously, anyone is welcome to say anything they want on their own Facebook profile (or Timeline, if you’re trendy and cool), just not mine. But certainly, let me have it if you want. I’m not trying to stifle discussion, just kind of hoping we can all aim to be a bit more reflective and less reactive concerning this and a host of other hot button issues.
    • If you want to post a comment here on my website, that’s fine. I review them all before approving or rejecting them. In general, I’ll only approve comments that I feel add something unique to the topic. Please don’t be offended if I don’t post yours. It’s not personal.

    I can’t think of a sentence to close this post.

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