• World Suicide Prevention Day

    September 10, 2010

    Today, September 10, was World Suicide Prevention Day. I almost missed it. I would have if not for a brilliant, beautifully written piece by guest CNN.com columnist Melody Moezzi. Before being diagnosed as bipolar (or, manic-depressive) and given proper treatment, Moezzi attempted suicide and was hospitalized. There she found a reason for living, to speak up and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. She writes,

    “The dangerous thing about silence is that it breeds shame and isolation, both of which can be much more devastating than any singular psychiatric condition alone. It’s one thing to be crazy. It’s quite another to think that you’re the only crazy person on the planet.”

    Whether you struggle with mental illness or know someone who does, I’d encourage you to click here for the full article by Melody Moezzi. The writing is terrific; her message is urgent. As someone who has dealt with serious depression, I appreciate her raising her voice.

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